Hydromulching is a cost effective and environmentally responsible way to revegetate larger areas of land. Hydromulching is used for mine site rehabilitation, roadside rehabilitation, new housing subdivisions and steep embankments requiring immediate soil stabilisation and long-term vegetative cover to manage soil erosion.

Envirostay specialises in a range of hydromulch solutions, these include:

Biotic Soil Amendment Hydromulch and
Topsoil Replacement Hydromulch

These products are the latest in hydromulch technology, using soil rebuilding microbial inoculated hydromulch blends they are perfect for use where topsoil is scarce or unable to be placed.

Enviromatrix ECM

EnviroMatrix (ECM) is an innovative and comprehensive solution for erosion control and vegetation restoration. Its ability to address the biological, chemical, and physical requirements of disturbed soil sites, especially in challenging conditions where topsoil is scarce or the soil quality is poor, is impressive. The inclusion of beneficial bacteria, fungi, bio-stimulants, and carbon building inputs enhances its effectiveness and promotes the growth of native plants.

The water-saving aspect of ECM, along with its suitability for use on construction sites and extreme slopes, makes it a valuable tool for various land reclamation and rehabilitation projects.

BFM Complete

BFM complete is composed of thermally processed natural plant-derived fibre and including 22 bacteria and fungi, CRF controlled-release, mineral-based fertiliser, bio-stimulants, probiotics and soil conditioners, BFM Complete is a native-plant friendly solution that meets Australian standards for soil conditioners. This product is great for rehabilitating challenging sites with degraded soils.

Extreme Erosion Control Hydromulch

Jute Replacement Hydromulch

Envirostay’s Jute replacement hydromulch is a specialised blend of hydromulch that incorporates jute fibers and high strength binders to form a superior permeable layer over the surface providing superior erosion protection that meets and exceeds jute mesh. This is a cost effective and safe alternative to installing Jute mesh.

EnviroMatrix ECM

Enviromatrix is a high strength Erosion Control Matrix that incorporates jute fibers for added erosion protection. This is designed for steep embankments and areas with high erosion risk. This product can be applied at varying rates and include additional high strength additives such as polymer binders for added durability and longevity.

Flexterra Wood Fiber Mulch

Flexterra® HP-FGM™ represents the next generation in Flexible Growth Media. Fine grading and extensive soil preparation are unnecessary, allowing the product to be applied for immediate protection and superior performance.

EnviroStraw BFM

EnviroStraw BFM is designed to improve erosion control, and to stabilse and restore vegetation on disturbed soil sites. EnviroStraw BFM, produced from Australian annually renewable materials, consists of heat and mechanically treated cereal straw, cellulose and wood fibres which are environmentally safe and biodegradable. The porous hydromulch layer encourages water infiltration, enabling new seedlings to easily pass through the matrix.

The combination of the fibres and cross-linked, high strength polymer binders provides effective erosion prevention and vegetation establishment. Better outcomes are ensured due to the product’s improved water use efficiency (WUE) reducing the water volume required to apply the product by up to 50%.


Envirostraw HGM

EnviroStraw’s hydro-seeding mulch Hydraulic Growth Media (HGM), is an innovative hydromulch product made right here in Australia. Formulated from annually renewable natural fibres and including bio-stimulants and a bespoke blend of 22 species of bacteria and fungi, it is designed to rebuild disturbed soils on construction sites.

Better outcomes are ensured with improved water use efficiency (WUE) as the product requires less water to apply which helps reduce costs

Wood Fiber Hydromulches

Wood fiber hydromulches are readily available in Australia, offering a sustainable solution for erosion control and land rehabilitation projects across the country. These products are typically manufactured from imported or locally sourced wood fibers and are tailored to suit Australian environmental conditions.

They are widely used in various applications, including mine site rehabilitation, construction site restoration, and revegetation projects. Australian suppliers offer a range of wood fiber hydromulches that are designed to meet the specific needs of different projects, providing an effective and environmentally friendly option for soil stabilization and vegetation establishment.

These include:

Dura Veg Fibre Matrix
Profile Wood





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