Envirostay is a licenced installer of GeoSpray. GeoSpray is a revolutionary product for the non-structural stabilisation of embankments and control of erosion and sediment. GeoSpray is applied by our specialised machinery using a hose or tower gun depending on the situation and sprayed over the area to be treated.

GeoSpray forms a tough, flexible membrane that binds to the soil and guards against erosion within 12hrs of application. Geospray can remain in place for up to 20years, depending on the thickness of the application. GeoSpray can also be applied over hydroseeded areas to protect the soil whilst seed germinates. This offers a low cost, environmentally friendly and effective alternative to geofabrics, jute mesh and in some cases rock baskets.

GeoSpray is used in the following areas

Roadside swale drains and culverts
Rail embankments
Bridge abutments
Steep embankments
Temporary and long term erosion and sediment management during construction projects
Stockpile retention





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