Envirostay is a specialist division of New Lawn Turf, specialising in providing revolutionary solutions for revegetation, slope retention, erosion control and dust suppression for the civil, mining and construction sectors. Envirostay offers an array of cost effective erosion and sediment control solutions which ensure you meet your environmental requirements throughout your projects.

For clients specifying on projects, we can offer a range of solutions for steep slope stabilisation and revegetation through to temporary erosion solutions required for erosion and sediment control on construction sites. Our aim is to offer you a cost effective and environmentally sustainable solution to erosion and sediment control. Envirostay operates throughout the Sydney, Hunter and Northern NSW regions.

Envirostay offers the following services.
• Hydromulching
• Hydroseeding
• GeoSpray Application
• Drill seeding
• Soil veneering & Dust Suppressants

Envirostay is a licenced installer of GeoSpray. GeoSpray is a revolutionary product for the non-structural stabilisation of embankments and control of erosion and sediment. GeoSpray is applied by our specialised machinery using a hose or tower gun depending on the situation and sprayed over the area to be treated. This offers a low cost, environmentally friendly and effective alternative to geofabrics, jute mesh and in some cases rock baskets.

GeoSpray forms a tough, flexible membrane that binds to the soil and guards against erosion within 12hrs of application and will typically remain in place for 5 years, depending on the thickness of the application. GeoSpray will also allow and encourage revegetation of the treated area. Due to the unique properties of the GeoSpray which allows plants to penetrate through the membrane, it guards against erosion while allowing the area to return to a natural vegetated state.

GeoSpray is used in the following areas.
• Steep embankments
• Roadside swale drains and culverts
• Bridge abutments
• Rail embankments
• Mining
• Stockpile retention
• Temporary and long term erosion and sediment management during construction projects

Here’s what Independent Analyst Druce Batstone B.Sc. (App), B.E., PhD. had to say …

“Water in the GeoSpray treated drain was clear of sediment for the duration of the test. In contrast, erosion was very evident where the drain terminated in bare soil at the near horizontal base of the track. The inherent permeability of GeoSpray was evident in the testing. Water draining through the GeoSpray coating slowed the advance of water down the drain. The wetted area could be depressed by foot pressure without damage to the coating.” “Resistance to erosion by surface flow would be comparable to cement-based coatings” “Rapid curing of GeoSpray was evident on the Field Day. The flexibility and porosity of GeoSpray indicates suitability for application on dispersive sodic soils. Resistance to erosion by surface flow would be comparable to cement based coatings but with the added ability to better conform to changes in these structurally unstable soils without cracking.”

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